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Historical Similarities While those familiar with myriad forms of heraldry may cringe at the simplified heraldry system we're using, those unfamiliar will be glad to see that we're keeping things simple. For the purposes of our use of the word, heraldry refers to the armorial ensigns or similar insignia. Significance in Game and Forum First and foremost, each of the Elder Gods has a Coat of Arms that represents the god. Priests of a specific god are generally required to use the coat of arms of their patron diety with the exception of those with noble bloodlines. Those of noble birth (the original nobles and their descendants) have their own Coat of Arms. Forum avatars are derived from the member's Coat of Arms. Essential Terminology: The terms and definitions presented below are essential to understand if you wish to understand the purpose and meaning of heraldry as used in the Wayward Souls™ game world. Tincture - any of the seven basic colors of heraldry. Rules of Tincture - the collection of rules designed to ensure arms may be easily identifiable. Field - the background of a coat of arms. It can be divided to show more than one tincture. Charge - An image (such as a weapon or beast) placed on the field or on another charge. Dexter and Sinister - the two sides of the shield. Dexter is the left as you look at it (the right of the person carrying it). Symbolism The various Tinctures and Charges contained in a Coat of Arms have symbolic meanings. Please note that these symbolic meanings are not necessarily the same as in traditional heraldry. Tinctures Metals [ul][li]Gold (yellow) - Generosity, willingness to give, nobility of thought or actions[/li][li]Silver (white) - Peace, sincerity, mercy, ability to forgive[/li][/ul] Colours [ul][li]Azure (blue) - Loyalty and Truth, Diligince[/li][li]Gules (red) - Military fortitude and Magnanimity, courage and boldness[/li][li]Purpure (purple) - Sovereignty and Justice[/li][li]Sable (black) - Steadfastness, permanence, and (occasionally) grief[/li][li]Sinople (green) - Friendship, Hope, Empathy[/li][/ul] Field Divisions and Patterns The various types of field divisions and patterns themselves have specific meanings in the world of Wayward Souls™ that have not yet been released. For now, they should be viewed as a decorative means by which to add additional symbolic representations such as colors and icons. More information on the various divisions and patterns will be made available later. Until we've finished the Coat of Arms module, some of our Platinum Preferred Members (nobles) might not have their coat of arms visible in their forum posts. Requests for temporary shields can be made by any Platinum Preferred Member by making a reply to this thread.
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I like red and black. Suprise me.
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