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It has come to our attention that a number of other people believe they have the right to use our trademark without attribution or consent from our company. We are currently taking actions that will resolve these conflicts and undo the damage to our brand.

Investors, premium members with pre-paid services, and pre-alpha customers need not be concerned. The investment in our art assets, the story line, and other factors tied to the Wayward Souls trademark will not be lost. We've been the only legitimate claim to a game named Wayward Souls since 2009.

There are a few conflicting uses of our name that we know about, but that don't constitute a violation of our trademark. These include a book of poetry by Carol L. Zuber named "Wayward Souls: A Renaissance" published in 2000, a short lived Swedish rock band named "Wayward Souls" from the 1980's, and a U.K. based blues band formed in 2010 named "Wayward Souls." As no right thinking person could confuse a book of poetry, a couple of music groups, and a game, there is no trademark violation.

There are, however, two recent attempts to dilute and hijack our name in the game industry which cannot be ignored. Sony used our name without our consent for a mission in their "DC Universe Online" product. Worst of all, fearing lawsuits from the makers of "Candy Crush Saga" for use of its "Saga" naming scheme, Rocketcat Games changed the name of one of their products from Wayward Saga to Wayward Souls. This was after a previous name change from Mage Dungeon. As their game is a sequel to their Mage Gauntlet product, one can only speculate as to why they would choose to steal our name rather than coming up with their own.

We're still awaiting a response from rocketcat, so we're at a loss as to why they would avoid one questionable legal issue that they might have been able to justify, only to jump head first into a much more blatant and obvious conflict.
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