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Apple appears content to wait until the issue is resolved to take any form of action. Messages went back and forth, but Apple is too big to risk taking sides. Finally, I requested address verification for legal purposes. The address I was told to send mail to was not the same as official records, such as the address registered in the Washington State Department of Revenue State Business Records Database. Most likely, letters will have to wait until after our challenge to his trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office and our own application process.

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only has he shamelessly stolen our name, he's trying to use the legal process against us and spend us out of ownership. When I discovered that, I laughed myself silly. He's trying to do the very thing he said King, Inc. would do to him if he called his game Wayward Saga! Readers should take a look over his old tweets; he essentially admits to his intent to steal our name multiple times. All the while, he bemoans the fate of the little guy who really can't afford to fight against what he calls "quasi-legal harassment." Or perhaps he was threatening such harassment if we tried to stop him from stealing our name. Only time will tell.

My only message for him in this post is the tired cliche, "Hello Kettle. Meet the Pot."
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